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There are so many paths to choose, many arenas to explore, many possibilities lie ahead. It’s hard to see things clearly when a thousand vague images fog up your inner lens. In times of anxiety and confusion, we are often led to inactivity. Even when a path is chosen, the thoughts race back to what fruits life could offer in the alternative paths. Only when we focus on one idea, one path, one goal everything seems clear. Fortunately, the world offers a unique lens that gives a clear picture every time. Tarot, a sacred tool has been used to give a clear perspective of the road ahead.

But what exactly is Tarot?
Tarot are essentially a pack of cards with ancient symbols and patterns that symbolize a vast variety of ideas that exist in the universe. Each card is a slice of life. All cards have meaning that will suitable at a specific time in our lives. However in a reading, the card we select is always the most suitable card at the moment. Through these special cards, we learn more about our situation. It paints a new picture and gives insight of the path that lies in the future.

I am a Tarot card reader based in Bangalore. Offering card readings through Skype/Video Call/Face to Face readings. The Tarot can settle any burning question or doubts in your mind relating to any problem or confusion that you may have.


Euros Group D prediction

Disclaimer: This is for fun and creative learning purposes. These results shouldn’t be used for betting advice.

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
1  Spain Advance to knockout phase
2  Czech Republic
3  Turkey Possible knockout phase
4  Croatia

Using the Rider-Waite Deck i drew 1 card for each team. The most favorable outcome cards will be chosen as possible group toppers.

Spain: 10 of swords reversed. Spain’s perfomance in the previous competitive tournament, the 2014 world cup had been hopeless. It seemed that they were at the end of their rope. 10 of swords in the upright position confirms the breakdown of the team. When the card is reversed however it means there is slowly a light shining for them. It may also mean worsening of a situation but they seem to be in good form based on their previous euro qualification games.They may play well tactically and may come back from behind in their games. They might not top the group, but they may surely go to the knockout stages.

Czech republic : The Lovers reversed. The Lovers represent unity between forces. A sticking cohesive force. The lovers reversed means an unstable or a dissonant team. The team may not have unity , and each individual would have different aim in mind while playing. The captain may not be able to make his team play as a unit, which leads to poor passing, aimless attacking buildup.

Turkey : Strength. A strength is a positive card in terms of sports, perfomance or a situation in which you have to man up and face the music. Turkey may have good team harmony, a great balance, and may give their 120% on the pitch. They may play high pressure games, running up and down the pitch closing in on players and trying to win the ball. They may play positively and would have already fixed their weaknesses that they had in the past. They may be an exciting team to watch, and may top the group.

Croatia: Wheel of fortune reversed. This team has great potential this tournament with the likes of Mandzukic, Modric, Kovacic, but they may not be able to realize it fully. Wheel of fortune reversed mean that they may not be able to create their luck, their maybe injury setbacks, or a goal that was needed ruled offside at the last moment.If they play risky or make mistakes it may cost them a lot. They may come very close to qualifying to knockout stages but not make it.

I predict Turkey and Spain to qualify for the next round.




Euros Group E prediction

Disclaimer: This is for fun and creative learning purposes. These results shouldn’t be used for betting advice.

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
1  Belgium Advance to knockout phase
2  Italy
3  Republic of Ireland Possible knockout phase
4  Sweden

I made a mistake while picking the group, instead of group D, I drew for group E. I didn’t have time to redraw for group D, so I am posting what I drew.


Belgium: King Of Wands. There is a lot of channeled energy in this card. This is a desirable card in sports and competition. This team has great individual talent and a great captain. They will play exciting and fast paced football, and maybe a bit aggressive at times. Belgium will easily top this group.

Italy: Wheel of Fortune. Italy used to be a great team in the past. However it’s recent past and form have not been that exciting as they once were. This card however may indicate, that their bad luck is about to change. They may not perform magnificently but may win a games due to lucky incidents. They also may play fast and flashy football.

Ireland: 9 of swords reversed. 9 of swords reversed means intense pain, nightmares and heartbreak. This is very tough group for Ireland. They may buckle under the pressure and may break down. Ireland may not perform that well in this Euros. They may have defensive issues, and it may lead to their head coach being sacked after this tournament.

Sweden: Knight of Wands. Similar to the King Of wands, this card means good in sporting tournaments. However since the king is wise and experienced and knows how to use their energy, It maybe that this knight may have a lot of energy but it could be misdirected. Which may mean that Sweden may a couple of exciting games, but they may not win them all.

Based on the predictions, I feel Belgium and Italy may reach the knockout stages but Sweden may give them a run for their money.

I feel this maybe an exciting group to watch.


Euros Group C Prediction

Disclaimer: This is for fun and creative learning purposes. These results shouldn’t be used for betting advice.


Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
1  Germany Advance to knockout phase
2  Ukraine
3  Poland Possible knockout phase
4  Northern Ireland

I would be drawing a random card from the deck. Each card will be connected to each team’s performance. The most favorable outcome card will be chosen as the group toppers. d2x4b3u

Germany: 3 of cups. Winners of the 2014 world cup, and of the best teams in the world at the moment, may have an easy group stage. They will have a lot to celebrate about. There may be many goals and great performances from all the players. Joachim Low’s team will have great teamwork, and will easily get through to the next round

Ukraine: Death. The death card is the most feared tarot only because of its violent imagery. However the card means change and to stray from its safe roots. They might play in a risky attacking side, changing their tactics completely. They may be unpredictable, but there will be a change in results as well. Currently they seems to be in good form, but it may go in an opposite direction this tournament.

Poland: The Emperor. The first thing when you notice the card, is the man on throne has great power. The main man for Poland’s team is obviously Robert Lewandowski. The team may be very dependent on their captain’s performances. Poland may play well defensively and may have a well structured team.

Northern Ireland: 7 of Pentacles. This is Northern Ireland’s first Euro competition entry. They have played well and worked hard to top their group. However this card is not a final outcome card. This card means that you have reached a point where you have done the ground work and you may need to take another step to reach your goal. They may not qualify for the next round but will give a good fight for second.Their play style  maybe of slow tempo and  a lot of passing around.

Germany and Poland are my picks to reach to the knockout stage.

Euros Group B prediction

Disclaimer: This is for fun and creative learning purposes. These results shouldn’t be used for betting advice.

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
1  England Advance to knockout phase
2  Russia
3  Wales Possible knockout phase
4  Slovakia

As usual I will be drawing 1 card from the Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck, for every team, and the most favorable will be predicted as group toppers.


England: Queen of wands reversed. Earlier in group A, France had the same card drawn. They are the group favorites of course. They will get through to the knockout stages but they might not win every game. Controversy of some sort may be unfolded in their group stage matches.

Russia: 9 of wands. This card shows that the team may be troubled, even though they are experienced. They may just barely get through to the knockout round. Even though its a wands card, in this card there seems to be less action going on. It looks like more of thinking and waiting going on. Russia may play very defensively and cautiously but they may not go to the knockout stages.

Wales: 10 of cups. Cups means emotions. 10 means final destination/goals/happiness. In this card Wales goal would be achieved. They may go to the next round. There would be great teamwork and skills involved. There maybe 2 key players, as indicated by the father and mother in the picture. Which may mean Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey.

Slovakia: 4 of pentacles. This team may be too cautious. They might play very defensively, in hopes of drawing every game. They are afraid of loss. They might not take a risk to play exciting high pressure football. They may play as a slow defensive, rarely going forward team. There may be a lot of back passes and boring football involved.

The two teams that will go through,according to this predictions are England and Wales.




Euros group A prediction

Disclaimer: This is for fun and creative learning purposes. These results shouldn’t be used for betting advice.

The UEFA Euro 2016 is coming up soon. It will be hosted in the fantastic country of France from 10 June – 10 July 2016.

This highly anticipated tournament will have the best European teams assembled, fighting for the shiny trophy thingy.

Here I will be using a Rider-Waite Tarot card to predict the group winners are their performances. Using the symbols and other information, I will try to paint a clear picture of a result.

I will ask a common question about which teams will advance to the next round and pick out 4 cards. All cards will be assessed and the 2 most favorable outcome cards will be chosen.

Keep in mind, they are not always correct. 

Pos Team

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
1  France  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? ?  ? Advance to knockout phase
2  Romania  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
3  Albania  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? ?  ? Possible knockout phase
4   Switzerland  ?  ? ? ? ? ? ?  ?

Group A: France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland.


France: Queen of wands reversed. Wands is a symbol that normally means about action, movement, even sports. So drawing a wand in sports results is a good result. The card is in an upside down position. It may have a kind of negative effect with it. Queen of wands normally meaning the one that everyone knows is a winner. A top team. She is charismatic and lively and an achiever. This card is reversed so it mean that the team will qualify to the knockout stages but it wont necessarily win every game. They may also win through an unfair advantage .

Romania: The Sun. The sun is one of the most positive cards of the deck. It could mean their wishes will be fulfilled and whatever hard work and teamwork they show on the pitch would have visible results. They might be the dark horse in this tournament.

Albania: The Hermit. The hermit means learning about yourselves. Going deeper and to being more experienced in the situation. This is Albania’s first major tournament. They may not have the needed experience in order to succeed and have much to learn in this tournament.

Switzerland: 10 of Swords. This card is one of the most feared. The imagery is scary, nightmarish. They may not perform as well they hope, even though they are very decent team. 10 of swords could signify inner destruction of the team’s morale, or lack of teamwork.

The two teams that will go through,according to this predictions are France and Romania.